Nigerian Twitter Activists Take On Ono Bello For Threatening Her Employee

Celebrity blogger, Ono Bello has been called out on Twitter for owing salaries.




Lagos- Celebrity blogger, Ono Bello it seems isn’t having a good time on Twitter as a number of Nigerians have taken her up on her failure to pay a particular worker, Peter Adenuga his salary for three months.


Concerned Nigerians took to the handle to express their displeasure after one Peter Adenuga had started a thread on how Ono Bello had owed him and was even threatening him with police arrest after some time.


Rather than ignore these tweets or reach out to the Mr. Adenuga, Bello rather came on Twitter to accuse Adenuga of hacking her account and refusing to return a laptop and router that she had given him to work with from home during the first phase of the Covid 19 pandemic. She even announced that she would pay Mr. Adenuga only when he turns himself in with the police at Maroko, Victoria Island to explain to the police why he had hacked her account.


These series of tweets earned her more flak from a number of twitter users who saw her behaviour as inhumane even as a number of former staff members came on board to attest to how she, Bello was used to hiring people, owing them for months and then frustrating them to resign from her employ. Matter of fact, one of them had accused her of slapping her because she had demanded for her salary arrears, resigning after the incident and forfeiting her pay there.



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