Nigerians React To Osaze Odemwinge’s Infidelity Accusation of Nwankwo Kanu’s Wife.









Rex Iloh- Following an Instagram post in which a former Super Eagles player, Osaze Odemwinge had openly accused Amara Nwankwo, wife of another Super Eagles player and former captain, Nwankwo Kanu of attempting to seduce him via Twitter Direct Messages, Nigerians have been reacting to the claim by establishing their disbelief and disappointment in the half-caste soccer player who represented Nigeria at several soccer matches and tournaments


Odemwingie  had in that post warned  Kanu Nwankwo’s wife to desist from chatting him in his DM.


He accused  Amara of sliding into his DM and “chasing” him “relentlessly.”


But in reacting, Nigerians who witnessed the outburst  wondered the former West Brom player had not lost it.


Nigerians made this known on a number of social media posts with many alluding to the fact that he Osaze might be undergoing some psychological issues.


One tweet went like this

” How Osaze Odemwingie moved from Christianity to America to Nigerians to Kanu To Amara Kanu to Kanu’s son back to Nigerians and America should be studied.


This kind of mental problem needs traditional solution. Osaze to ya were o ara adugbo”


Another went like this

“Looks like I am the only one in Nigeria who is worried about Peter Osaze Odemwingie’s current state of mind. 💔”

“Someone should check Osaze Odemwingie, Something is certainly wrong. He’s not been the same since that QPR debacle. His brain certainly needs retuning. – The Tiny Voice”

“What is Peter Osaze Odewingie saying exactly?’

“Peter Osaze Odemwingie’s posts have been disturbing lately. What is he accusing Amara Kanu, Kanu Nwankwo, and their son of?”

Who understands what’s going on?”

So far, as at the time of this story Amara Nwankwo or her husband, Kanu Nwankwo have responded to the bizarre accusations. According to the news gathered by friends and family including ex teammates had called on the duo especially Nwankwo Kanu to ignore the allegations. A number of these teammates also offered to reach out to Odemwingie. will surely keep you posted!





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